I’m getting a login error.

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2018 12:37PM CDT
Login errors can occur for many reasons:
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Check to ensure that any letters that should be capitalized are capitalized.
  • Passwords should consist only of letters and numbers. Are there any characters other than letters and numbers in your password?
  • There may be extra spaces in your username or password.
  • The program does not recognize your email address. Typically, it means that you did not complete the initial Financial Fitness CHECKUP and create a password. If you did complete the CHECKUP but did not create a password, please find the CHECKUP Results email that was sent to you, click the link in it, and return to finish the whole process. If you cannot find the email, please go to https://www.financialfitness.academy/login and complete the CHECKUP again.
  • You might have two different, active accounts under your name. Check to make sure you are using the correct email address and password for the account you are trying to access.
  • You might be on the wrong site. You should be logging in at https://www.financialfitness.academy/login.
  • If you are also an administrator for your organization, you might be using the email address for your admin portal instead of the email address for your participant portal. You cannot use the same email address for both accounts.
  • Your email address might be incorrect. If you suspect this, contact us.
  • Your computer might have a firewall up. Consult your administrator or an IT person for help.
  • Your browser might not be working with the program. Try another browser if you have access to one.
  • Your browser may need to be shut down and reopened.
  • You might need to try using a different computer.
  • You might have a caching issue, meaning that your computer is serving up an old version of the page instead of a fresh one. Try this: clear your cache, shut down your browser, reopen your browser, and then try it again. How to clear your cache: http://help.financialfitnessgroup.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1692920-how-do-i-clear-my-cache-

If none of these solutions work, please email support@financialfitnessgroup.com or call us at 888-345-1285. Please describe the nature of the issue, including any error messages received. Providing a screenshot can help us diagnose more quickly.


Contact Us

  • EMAIL support@financialfitnessgroup.com

    Be sure to include:
    • -Your name
    • -Your company
    • -Phone number
    • -The email address you are using to log in
    • -Description of your support request
    • -Your browser and operating system
    • -A screenshot, if possible

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